Screw Conveyors

Customizable Screw Conveyors Made Of Stainless And Carbon Steel

Category: Bulk Handling

Built from stainless or carbon steel, our screw conveyors allow you to transport all kinds of bulk materials horizontally or up an incline. Although they come in different forms and sizes ranging from 168 mm up to 610 mm, our solutions are all customized to your specific industrial needs.

  • Tubular screw conveyors are the most affordable and conventional solution for transporting materials over short horizontal or slightly inclined distance.
  • U-through screw conveyors are a versatile choice for transporting materials around packaging and processing factories that provide easier maintenance across more touchpoints.
  • Specialized screw conveyors offer customization to existing conveying installation with additional modules such as heated or cooling jacket, insulations, dewatering screw bunkers and models for ATEX environments.

All conveyors can include many types of screws with different flights including standard, variable, short, notched, double-start, tapered, coned, ribboned and even centerless.

Our screw conveyors are Explosion Prevention Certified and cover ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 standards.



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We take our time to understand your business challenge and design a custom solution that fits perfectly to your production processes.
We use our extensive production capacity and our comprehensive knowledge to shorten the project delivery times and meet all desired deadlines.
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