Vessels & Tanks

Process Tanks
Category: Vessels & Tanks
Our process tanks in sizes up to 35 m³ that meet all quality, safety, and hygiene standards.
Storage Tanks
Category: Vessels & Tanks
We build our storage tanks in-house and install them on your premises, offering full equipment commissioning.
Silos Tanks
Category: Vessels & Tanks
Our silos are produced in accordance with ISO 140001 and can be paired with different kinds of insulation.
Aseptic Tanks
Category: Vessels & Tanks
Applications: Pharmaceuticals; Biochemistry;
Our stainless-steel aseptic tanks can include agitator systems based on different products and requirements.
Pressure Vessels
Category: Vessels & Tanks
Our customizable pressure vessels meet all current EU standards (PED 2014/68/EU, EN 13445).


We have over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and building of industrial equipment for a wide range of sectors.
Our in-house team of 120+ experienced professionals create products that fit your specific industrial need.
We have an extensive manufacturing park where we create even the most precise and compilated products.
We deal with any type of project – from designing and manufacturing industrial equipment to the engineering and building of production plants.
We offer exceptional industrial services, and we are committed to maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients.
Each of our industrial solutions meets the highest European and world quality standards.


Vessels and tanks in various forms and sizes are used across most industries that require product processing or housing liquids and raw materials at specific conditions.

INOXSYS offers a wide range of customized tanks and vessels that can fit even the most specific industrial application. To ensure they are of the highest quality and fit your production needs, our engineering team will design a custom solution by considering every little detail and even create the full product documentation based on your requirements.

During the manufacturing process, our certified personnel does all the welding, quality checks, and required non-destructive testing to ensure top-notch operation of your equipment. In cases where we need to deal with high thickness materials, we take advantage of automatic wielding process as well. Depending on your needs, we can polish the surfaces down to Ra=0.4μm.

We use our extensive production capacity to combine your vessels and tanks with custom agitator systems and insulation, and to deliver your custom-made solution on time.