Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


A shell & tube heat exchanger consists of numerous tubes mounted inside a cylindrical shell to allow two different fluids or gases to exchange heat. One fluid goes through the tubes, while the second flows outside of them to result in heating or cooling within a specific time frame.

INOXSYS offers a wide range of shell & tube heat exchangers that provide maximum performance in a compact, lightweight, and cost-effective package. Built of different grades of stainless or carbon steel, they are a popular and reliable choice in a variety of industries where high-pressure and high-amplitude temperatures applications are quite common.

We create solutions that are convenient and designed specifically to your production needs. To ensure the utmost quality and reliability of your heat exchangers, our team considers an array of specifications such as tube diameter, thickness, pitch, corrugation, etc. After engineering your solution from the ground up, we use our extensive production capacity.



Specialist Labour
Our in-house engineering team solves your technical problems, advances your manufacturing productivity, and delivers safe and effective on-site services.
Project Delivery
We manage your project completely – from the initial design, through fabrication, to the assembly, on-site installation, and further maintenance checks.
We take our time to understand your business challenge and design a custom solution that fits perfectly to your production processes.
We use our extensive production capacity and our comprehensive knowledge to shorten the project delivery times and meet all desired deadlines.
Equipment Supply
We can supply with the most reliable products from a variety of manufacturers that fit your production processes.

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