Products for Chemical

Screw Conveyors
Category: Bulk Handling
Built of stainless or carbon steel, our screw conveyors allow you to transport all kinds of bulk materials.
Belt Conveyors
Category: Bulk Handling
Our belt conveyors are modular and come in all sizes, which makes them adaptable to almost any type of situation.
Slide Valves
Category: Bulk Handling
Built entirely of stainless or carbon steel, our slide valves are reliable, sturdy, and meet even the most demanding settings.
Process Tanks
Category: Vessels & Tanks
Our process tanks in sizes up to 35 m³ that meet all quality, safety, and hygiene standards.
Storage Tanks
Category: Vessels & Tanks
We build our storage tanks in-house and install them on your premises, offering full equipment commissioning.
Silos Tanks
Category: Vessels & Tanks
Our silos are produced in accordance with ISO 140001 and can be paired with different kinds of insulation.
Pressure Vessels
Category: Vessels & Tanks
Our customizable pressure vessels meet all current EU standards (PED 2014/68/EU, EN 13445).
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Our heat exchangers are fully customized and provide maximum performance.


We have over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and building of industrial equipment for a wide range of sectors.
Our in-house team of 120+ experienced professionals create products that fit your specific industrial need.
We have an extensive manufacturing park where we create even the most precise and compilated products.
We deal with any type of project – from designing and manufacturing industrial equipment to the engineering and building of production plants.
We offer exceptional industrial services, and we are committed to maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients.
Each of our industrial solutions meets the highest European and world quality standards.


INOXSYS designed, executed, and delivered us specialized stainless-steel tools though considering all requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and our specific manufacturing needs. We recommend them a valuable, trustworthy and capable partner.
Valya Bukareva
Executive Director, ACTAVIS Troyan
For the past 11 years, INOXSYS has been designing and installing high-quality equipment at our facilities. So far, all their projects have met every deadline and budget requirement. We are pleased by the quick communication process with the INOXSYS team, as well as their engineering unit, who always ensure valuable support. We continue to trust INOXSYS as they are a valuable partner to us.
Miglena Marinova
Supply and Warehousing Manager, KAOLIN (Senovo)
INOXSYS engineered and produced a complex drying installation which they installed on site at Biovet’s facility in the city of Peshtera. INOXSYS met all deadlines, while their employees showed a high level of professionalism and expertise.
Angel Ivanov
Executive director, BIOVET
Amylum Bulgaria
INOXSYS designed a variety of stainless-steel industrial tools, static mixers, vessels, and tubes that we successfully use in corn processing and the production of our products. INOXSYS completed the projects quickly and professionally demonstrating a high-level of expertise.
Svetlozar Karadzhov
Chairman of Management Board, ADM RAZGRAD
INOXSYS manufactured a wide range of vessels and non-standard stainless and carbon steel solutions that met all pre-defined requirements. The company has great manufacturing capabilities as well as high-qualified team of specialist for precise engineering and timely production of customized solutions. INOXSYS deserves our trust and we are happy to work together again.
Denislav Metev
INOXSYS designed and built on the premises of FICOSOTA (Shumen) an array of solutions such as air ducts, process pipelines, mixers, silos, Z-shaped elevators, and bag filters. All were executed precisely, quickly, and transparently.
Dennis Crol
Executive Director, CORDEEL BULGARIA