Production Capacity

We at INOXSYS know that each problem requires a different solution to ensure optimal long-term business performance. To provide customized industrial tools that make your business better, we combine our services and qualified personnel with extensive manufacturing capabilities.

Over the years, we have been steadily growing our partnerships, expertise, and scope of products we produce. And just since 2014, we have invested over 2 million euros to rapidly expand our facilities and machines.

As of 2020, our workshop includes:

  • Lathe and vertical CNC machines 
  • Plasma/oxy and waterjet cutters
  • Press brake machines
  • Shear press machines
  • Vertical drilling machines
  • Universal milling machines
  • Saw machines
  • TIG welding machines
  • MIG/MAG welding machines
  • Various polishing equipment
  • Welding column equipped with MIG and submerged arc welding   capability