Industrial Services

We at INOXSYS believe that each problem requires a different take and a custom solution to ensure optimal long-term business performance.

We combine our extensive manufacturing capabilities with our various services to produce the perfect industrial equipment across a wide range of industries.

Specialist Labour

We are always committed to installing your equipment the right way and to supervising its long-term maintenance.

To do that, we have an in-house team of qualified and experienced engineers, production specialists, mechanics, welders, and fitters who work with a great precision to every detail.

We act reliably, openly, and pragmatically to solve your technical problems, advance your manufacturing productivity, and deliver safe and effective on-site services.

Project Delivery

We value your time deeply. This is why we manage your project completely – from the initial design, through fabrication, to the assembly, on-site installation and further maintenance checks.

Thanks to our production capabilities as well as our team’s adept understanding of any project requirement, we always deliver your project on time and help you increase your manufacturing efficiency from the get-go.


Industrial equipment, which had been already designed and produced in advance, does not fit every manufacturer. It was never intended to.

INOXSYS creates industrial solutions that not only are convenient, but they are also specifically designed to your production needs. To ensure the utmost quality and reliability of our products we build for you, our team considers an array of specifications (such as tube diameter, thickness, pitch, corrugation, etc.). This allows us to manufacture a solution that you can use in multiple production scenarios and integrate anywhere across your production process.

Why do we invest so much time in design? Because our equipment and solutions are not just another item you implement along your production line. We provide the industrial tools to help you overcome any challenge in your way.


After engineering your solution from the ground up, we use our extensive production capacity to manufacture your project on time.

Our production facility covers all in-house fabrication of steel products according to the appropriate quality standards.

We combine our comprehensive knowledge with our manufacturing capabilities to shorten the project delivery times, compared to other providers on the market.

Equipment Supply

Since we have a vast experience and comprehensive know-how in industrial solutions, we can supply with the most reliable products from a variety of manufacturers that fit your production processes.