About Us


As an independent family business since 1994, we have always stood for building reliable partnerships and achieving continuous progress in the name of our clients’ success and in favor of a more sustainable development of the world.

Our team of qualified and experienced design engineers, production specialists and mechanics works with a great precision to every detail on our product range, divided in four main divisions – Vessels & Tanks, Heat exchangers, Bulk Handling and Industrial Services.

In the past few years Inoxsys became a preferred supplier of tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and bulk handling systems to industry leading companies such as ADM, Quarzwerke, Huvepharma. Today the company is also making first choice for complex industrial installation projects due to its vast experience in the field.

Some of the industries Inoxsys has gained a great deal of experience throughout the years are Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biochemical and the Mining industries.

Our unique, client-centric approach towards every project enables us to offer more efficient and well-budgeted solutions.

Our employees are personally committed to act reliably, openly and pragmatically in order to solve your technical problems and advance your production productivity. Consider us a sparring partner for your challenges. We are ready to go the extra mile for customers and colleagues alike.

Regardless of whether you are seeking an equipment design, fabrication and supply or you are in a need of a reliable partner for industrial installation projects, Inoxsys is the place where you stop searching.

Because we like making things turn in your favor.


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Elena Ivanova
Hristina Todorova
Ivaylo Dimitrov
Operations Manager
Marin Datsev
Tsvetomir Dyakov
Design Department Manager
Pavlin Stanchev
Design Engineer
Tsvetelina Stefanova
Design Engineer
Valentina Milusheva-Ivanova
Purchasing manager
Nikolay Tsonev
Mahir Ahmedov
Technical Lead
Atanas Atanasov
Technical Lead
Dimitar Tihanov
Technical Lead
Todor Mitsov
Plamen Penchev
Mechanical Engineer
Radoslav Raychev
Technical Lead
Teodora Aleksandrova
Safety and Health Coordinator